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This plugin will use lightgallery make the pictures in the body of the page enter the preview mode when clicked.


Please note that although this plugin release under MIT license, we are currently making this possible with a built-in organization license of lightgalleryopen in new window of VuePress Theme Hope, and we would like to admit you are a member of our organization if you are using it for non-commercial usage.

The organization license has no limit for you under non-commercial usage as it supports unlimited developers and unlimited products. You are safe to publish your docs or project with this plugin under ANY License.

But PLEASE DO AWARE that organizational license can only be used on one product. To use this plugin for commercial usage, since lightgallery is under GNU GPL license v3open in new window, you must put your source code under the GNU GPL license v3open in new window license, or consider purchasing a licenseopen in new window to avoid troubles.


If you are worried about this, please consider using vuepress-plugin-photo-swipe instead.

Customize Options

You can pass options to lightgalleryopen in new window by importing and calling defineLightGalleryConfig in client config file:

// .vuepress/client.ts
import { defineClientConfig } from "@vuepress/client";
import { defineLightGalleryConfig } from "vuepress-plugin-lightgallery/client";

  // lightgallery options here

export default defineClientConfig({
  // ...

Operation Delay

If your theme adds animations when switching pages, you may need to delay when lightgallery re-finds page images. You can configure this delay via the delay option, the default value is 800 (in milliseconds).