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V2 Migration

Less than 1 minute

New Options

  • update: control the update logic of SW

    • "disabled": Do nothing even when new service worker is available. After new service work succeeds installing and starts waiting, it will control page and provide new content in next visit.

    • "available": Only display update popup when the new service worker is available

    • "hint": Display a hint to let user choose to refresh immediately

    • "force": unregister current service worker immediately then refresh to get new content

  • appendBase: automatically insert base to the manifest option

  • hintComponent: Hint component for detecting new content

  • shouldPrefetch hint: Now the plugin will check shouldPrefetch option in config file and warn you to disable it.

Changed Options

  • cacheHTML default value changed from true to false

    This can effectively reduce the SW update time

  • popupComponent renamed to updateComponent

    This is because we added a new prompt popup window, so we need to avoid name confusion