Article List

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The topic provides you with a list of all articles under the path /article/ by default.

Auto Excerpt

By default, the theme will only display the excerpt or description you specify in the article list.

If you want the theme to automatically extract excerpts, set true in theme options.


All articles will be added to the article list by default and rendered under the path /article/.

Article listArticle list

If you don’t want the list to contain some specific articles, just set the article to false in the frontmatter of the article, or you may customize it through in theme options.

To sticky a specific article in the article list, just set sticky to true in the frontmatter of the article.


For sticky articles, you can set sticky with a number to set their order. Articles with large numbers will be listed first.

Star Articles

You can star an article by setting star to true in frontmatter. After staring, users can view these articles on the /star/ page.

At the same time, any star articles will be displayed in the article column on the sidebar of the blog homepage.


Our consideration for providing star options: Theme users may want to show visitors some high-quality articles, but do not want sticky articles to flood the homepage, resulting in visitors not being able to see the recently updated articles.


Similar to sticky articles, you can also set star to number to set their order. Articles with large numbers will be listed first.

Encryption and Slides

The theme provides separate lists for the two special pages: encrypted article page and slide page. You can view them on the /encrypt/ and /slide/ pages.

At the same time, to help visitors distinguish between these two categories of pages, their categories will be clearly marked with icons in the article list.

Category Tips