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V2 Migration

Less than 1 minute

Name changed from @mr-hope/vuepress-feed to vuepress-plugin-feed2. ⚠

Output Option changes

  • Move all output options from output option to plugin option root and rename them.

    • output.atom.enable renamed to atom

    • output.json.enable renamed to json

    • output.rss.enable renamed to rss

    • output.atom.path renamed to atomOutputFilename

    • output.json.path renamed to jsonOutputFilename

    • output.rss.path renamed to rssOutputFilename

  • Now the plugin no longer generates the three formats by default, you need to manually enable it to output format you need.

    • atom, json and rss is false by default

New Features

  • Supports removing custom components and elements through preservedElements options NEW

  • Visualized atom and rss feeds, configurable with atomXslFilename atomXslTemplate rssXslFilename and rssXslTemplate NEW

  • Customize feed generation via getter option NEW

  • Multi-category support New

  • Prettier log output improved