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Ensure using latest version

Please make sure you are using the latest vuepress and vuepress-theme-hope V2 version, because some bugs you encountered may have been fixed in new versions.

You can update to the latest version by executing the following commands.

Ensure Node version

vuepress-theme-hope only supports LTS version of Node.js, that is, currently, only the latest v14, v16 versions are supported.

You can check its version with node -v. If the first digit of the version number does not meet the requirements, please download and install the LTS version of Node.js.

Ensure having correct deps tree

In some cases, you may generate incorrect dependency tree after upgrading some dependencies, this is because both vuepress and vue consist of many packages named @vuepress/xxx and @vue/xxx constitute.

For VuePress to work correctly, there should only be one version of @vuepress/xxx @vue/xxx vue and vue-router in the whole project. Multiple versions of a package can cause different parts of the application to use different instances of Vue and the corresponding package, resulting in errors like useXXX() is called without provider.

Please run the following command to make sure your dependency tree is correct.

npm version

If you're using npm, make sure you're using npm v8. You can get the npm version number by running the npm -v command.

If the major version number is less than 8 (i.e. the version number is not 8.x.x), please run the npm i -g npm command to update npm to v8 and rerun the above command.

Ensure having correct config

Please confirm that there are no errors in your config file (such as red wavy lines), if so, please modify the config file according to the prompts until you correctly configured VuePress and themes.