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This plugin will automatically add a copy button to the top right corner of each code block.

Code Block Selection

By default, the plugin will select code blocks according to the default theme's selector. If you are using a third-party theme, you can set one or more CSS selectors to the selector option.

Button Display

By default, the button is only displayed in desktop mode, if you need to display the button on mobile, set showInMobile to true.

Copy Hint

After the user clicks the copy button, a copy success message will be displayed on the screen. The default prompt duration is 2000ms, if you need to change this duration, please set duration (unit ms), if you don't need this prompt, please set duration to 0.

Pure Mode

By default, the plugin will show a big blue button, if you want to make the button and tooltip less "obvious" you can add the pure: true option.

Locale Customization

You can add new locale config or modify existing ones through locales option.

import { defineUserConfig } from "vuepress";
import { copyCodePlugin } from "vuepress-plugin-copy-code2";

export default defineUserConfig({
  locales: {
    "/": {
      // this is a supported language
      lang: "en-US",
    "/xx/": {
      // the plugin does not support this language
      lang: "mm-NN",

  plugins: [
      locales: {
        "/": {
          // Override copy button label text
          copy: "Copy Codes from code block",

        "/xx/": {
          // Complete locale config for `mm-NN` language here

For specific options, see Config → Locale Settings.