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vuepress-theme-hope allows you to enable a blog-style homepage.

You need to set blog to true in the frontmatter of the corresponding page to enable blog style.

Homepage screenshot

# Configurable items

You can freely configure the blogger’s avatar and blogger’s name display in the left-top corner. Their configuration items are and If you do not fill them in, they will automatically fall back to the site Logo (themeConfig.logo) and the site name (

We will crop the avatar into a round circle by default. If you have a square logo and want to remian it, please set roundAvatar to false in

If you set themeConfig.intro with a link of personal introduction page, click on the blogger’s profile picture and blogger’s name in the right-top corner, and it will automatically jump to the link you provided.

You can also configure your social media links in the format of <social media name>: <social media links> in the object

Available social media:

  • 'Baidu'
  • 'Bitbucket'
  • 'Dingding'
  • 'Discord'
  • 'Dribbble'
  • 'Email'
  • 'Evernote'
  • 'Facebook'
  • 'Flipboard'
  • 'Gitee'
  • 'Github'
  • 'Gitlab'
  • 'Gmail'
  • 'Instagram'
  • 'Line'
  • 'Linkedin'
  • 'Pinterest'
  • 'Pocket'
  • 'QQ'
  • 'Qzone'
  • 'Reddit'
  • 'Rss'
  • 'Steam'
  • 'Twitter'
  • 'Wechat'
  • 'Weibo'
  • 'Whatsapp'
  • 'Youtube'
  • 'Zhihu'

If you are not satisfied with the prompt text on the top of the timeline page, you can use to customize one.

# Available parameters in frontmatter

# hero

  • Type: boolean
  • Default: true

Whether to display the icon and description of the home page.

# bgImage

  • Type: string

For the address of the background picture, you must fill in the absolute path. If not filled in, a default landscape picture will be automatically applied.

# bgImageStyle

  • Type: Record <string, string>

The CSS style of the background image.

# heroImageStyle

  • Type: Record <string, string>

CSS style for home icon

# heroFullScreen

  • Type: boolean
  • Default: false

Whether Hero is full screen displayed

# Projects

  • Type: ProjectOption[]

ProjectOption including this keys:

  • type: the project type, you can choose from 'link' | 'project' | 'book' | 'article'
  • name: required, project name
  • link: required, project link, fill in an external path or absolute path
  • desc: project description
  • cover: project cover, fill in an external path or absolute path