TypeScript Troubleshoot

Mr.Hope ... 2021-3-16 FAQ About 1 min

# Troubleshoot

  1. Please make sure your project depends on typescript, if not, please execute:


  1. Make sure there is a legal tsconfig.json file in your project root, if not, please execute:


  1. Make sure that your project has at least one TypeScript file included by it.

Please create .vuepress/enhanceApp.ts in your document directory and add its relative path to the include in tsconfig.json.

# Error List

# error when parsing tsconfig.json

This problem is caused by ts-loader not finding tsconfig.json. Since the theme adds TypeScript support, you need to create a valid tsconfig.json inside your project.

You can:

  1. Disable TypeScript support: delete the themeConfig.typescript setting, or explicitly set it to false to disable vuepress-plugin-typescript.

  2. Create a legal tsconfig.json in your project.

    A simple tsconfig.json is as follows:

      "compilerOptions": {
        "target": "ES6", /// Any target not less than 'ES5'
        "allowSyntheticDefaultImports": true, // Avoiding some issues related to vuepress-types
        "experimentalDecorators": true, // TypeScript files for '.vue' needs this option
        "module": "commonjs", // Avoiding some issues related to vuepress-types
        // type definition files of vuepress and this theme
        "types": ["@mr-hope/vuepress-theme-types"]
      "include": [
        "src/.vuepress/enhanceApp.ts" // replace `src` with your doc folder

# Can’t find corresponding types

Make sure to add "@mr-hope/vuepress-theme-types" to compilerOptions.types, because the package is not in the @types directory.

# No inputs were found in config file tsconfig.json

This problem is caused by the absence of a TypeScript file in your project (or your tsconfig.json configuration is incorrect).

ts-loader requires that the include and exclude configuration items of tsconfig.json include at least one ts file in the project.

If your project does not have a ts file, to avoid this problem, you can create an empty ts file anywhere in your project and add it to the include of tsconfig.json.

A better solution is to solve this problem by creating an empty enhanceApp.ts in the.vuepress directory. If you already have enhanceApp.js, you can directly convert it to TS.